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Hypnotherapy takes clients very gently to a state of deep relaxation, bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious, helping them to make the changes they want to make. It is particularly effective for issues such as stopping smoking.
Whilst clients may be very deeply relaxed during a hypnotherapy session, they will always be in control, because it would be absolutely impossible for me, as the therapist, to coerce them into doing something they did not want to do, or was not for their ultimate and highest good.
For this reason, when I use hypnotherapy in working with a client, the work we do will always be based upon an in depth discussion of the area in their life that they wish to work on, why it is a problem for them at this particular time and why they want to make changes.  
I always teach my clients self hypnosis, so that they can reinforce the new thoughts and patterns of behaviour that they are creating in between their sessions with me.
Hypnotherapy is very effective when it is approached with a clear goal in mind; it can help with weight loss, cessation of smoking, anxiety about dentist visits, fears, for example of spiders, worries about exams etc etc.........
Clients leave each session feeling relaxed, refreshed and optimistic that they can overcome their particular difficulty.


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All therapies cost  £50.00  for an hour and  £60.00  for 90 minutes.

Counselling / Psychotherapy

Talking therapies give you the opportunity to gain a wider perspective on your problems.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is an easily learned and very effective self help technique which I will teach you. 


Hypnotherapy takes you to a state of deep relaxation, bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious.


Reiki is a hands on therapy which channels universal healing energy.

Shamanic Work

Shamanic practises are very effective means of getting to the root of an issue and resolving it. 

Weight Loss / Body Issues

Most people now know that diets don’t work. 


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